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Seller, San Mateo

My family was very fortunate to engage the real estate services of Peggy LeDoux. It was time for our elderly parents to move to an independent living community and the sale of their home in San Mateo was a key part of the financial plan for this stage of their lives. Peggy was extraordinarily patient, thorough and professional in all our dealings with her. She did everything she could to make the sale as seamless as possible. Her advice about timing, marketing and every aspect of the real estate transaction was spot-on. My family and I remain very grateful to Peggy for her excellent assistance with the sale of our parents' home- we give her our highest recommendation.

Buyer, Redwood City

We would like to start by saying that we were looking for a house to purchase for the last several years. Due to the high cost of real estate in the San Francisco Peninsula we decided initially to represent ourselves in order to make our offers more competitive. Soon we realized that the process is fairly complex and we were not really being successful. We met Ryan on an open-house were he was representing the seller. We were not really thinking of working with a real estate agent but thanks to Ryan's cheerful personality and thorough knowledge of the business we decided to give it a go. Ryan has the following qualities that make him the best real estate professional we have interacted with (we have met several): - Ryan is a very good listener which allows him to get in tune with the vision of the buyer. - Once he gets a clear idea of what you want he is very energetic and aggressive in a good way to pursue as many leads as it takes to get the right home for you. - Ryan has real-estate in the blood and has an extended network of contacts, family and friends which in a sense all end up working for your goal. - Ryan is extremely responsive while working with you. - Ryan is willing to go the extra mile whenever necessary in a specific offer. - In the current competitive market conditions you cannot expect to be successful in your home purchase without tailoring your offer for each specific case. Ryan was excellent at this and help us quickly learn through the process until we won our final bid. We would like also to provide a timeline of our successful bid to give you an idea of what it takes to buy a home in the peninsula. This bid would have been impossible without Ryan: - Tuesday 4:00pm Ryan found property before in entered the public real estate websites and proposed strategy - Wednesday 6:00pm Ryan arranged visit of property - Thursday 12:00pm Offer submitted - Thursday 10:30pm Offer accepted ==> 54 hours from beginning to end for a successful bid!! We highly recommend you working with Ryan. Good luck in your home search.

Seller, Hillsborough

When we decided to downsize and build our retirement home, we turned to Peggy to advise us and handle the complex, multiple house transaction. Peggy brings a unique mix of a deep understanding of her clients’ needs and an unmatched attention to detail and follow through. Peggy was invaluable as our counsel in thinking through the many complex steps of our transactions.

Buyer, San Mateo

Among the other few agents we tried to work with, Ryan showed us what it means to go above and beyond professionalism. He cares, not only about what he does but about what we really want. As a first time home buyer, we felt very comfortable the whole time and knew we were in good hands!

Seller & Buyer, Hillsborough

Peggy is an excellent, thorough and knowledgeable agent. She possesses a unique combination of creative and analytical skills which allows her to address the needs and interests of her clients. We've worked with Peggy to buy and sell a home and wholeheartedly recommend her.

Buyer, San Francisco

As a first time home buyer, Ryan was just the companion I needed to navigate through the extremely competitive San Francisco market and find a home in a timeline that was significantly shorter than what I had prepared myself for. When I first started my search, I was firmly in the clueless category. Ryan was very patient in explaining even the most obvious details to me. As my search criteria finally started taking a more concrete shape, Ryan was extremely helpful in arranging open home tours that were time efficient and thorough at the same time. When it finally came time to put in a serious offer, Ryan made it all easy for me using his extensive experience. He made sure that I moved fast enough and also picked up on all the nuances needed to close the specific home I was interested in based on our chats with the seller's agent and every little fact she mentioned. I was really impressed with how skilled Ryan was at his job. Above all, I would just like to mention that Ryan is a genuinely good person not just to do business with but also outside the professional context. At the time of writing this review, it has been six months since we closed the deal on my home. But Ryan and I still meet in person to catch up and I am sure we will continue to do so in the future as well.

Seller, Millbrae

Peggy handled the marketing and sale of my mother's house in Millbrae. My parents had purchased the home in 1948 and they were both now gone. Peggy totally understood how emotional it was for me and my sisters. From the moment I signed the agreement with Peggy, until the closing of the house, every process seemed seamless; from appraisal, inspections and new sewer requirements. Peggy kept us completely informed. Without hesitation, I would ask Peggy to handle any furture real estate transactions.

Buyer, Redwood City

We started working with Ryan near the end of our home buying process but in that short time he made quite an impression. Ryan stands out with both his friendliness and attentiveness as an agent. He is an outstanding people person which served us well in all encounters with selling agents, appraisers, the title company, etc. Ryan made himself available 24/7 and serves as a great resource for our endless questions during the offer and closing process. We highly recommend Ryan to anyone else looking for a great agent.

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